Sunday Worship

We gather together each Sunday morning at 10 am to worship God by reading, singing, praying, preaching, and seeing the Word.

Reading the Word

We hold firm to the belief that the Scriptures are God’s special revelation, His direct message to us. Our faith grows as we immerse ourselves in His Holy Word. That’s why, in our worship gatherings, we make it a point to read passages from the Bible out loud several times. This practice is designed to deepen our understanding and foster the growth of our faith in the richness of God’s teachings.

Praying the Word

We firmly believe that God desires for us to pray, and that He listens to the prayers of His people. Therefore, in our gatherings, we make it a priority to pray using the words of the Bible. Our prayers cover a range of emotions and needs – from praising God to expressing sorrow, confessing our shortcomings, and bringing our requests before Him. It’s a way for us to connect authentically with God, guided by the wisdom found in Scripture.

Singing the Word

The Bible instructs Christians to express their devotion through singing, both to the Lord and to one another. In line with this, we seek to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs spanning from expressions of praise to moments of lament and powerful proclamations. In our gatherings, we follow this biblical directive, incorporating a variety of songs that mirror the rich spectrum of emotions and themes found in the Word. We also seek to emphasize the corporate nature of singing, elevating the voices of Christ’s people as we see modeled in the Scriptures.

Preaching the Word

We are committed to expositional preaching, which typically means working week by week through entire books of the Bible, but at times includes exploring various topics in an expository manner. In our sermons, usually spanning 40-50 minutes, our goal is to unfold the teachings of the Bible and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to every facet of life. Through this approach, we seek to provide a comprehensive understanding of God’s Word and demonstrate its relevance to our daily lives.

Seeing the Word

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances of Christ which serve as visible expressions of the Gospel.

We observe the Lord’s Supper weekly, and the table is open to all our covenant members. If you are visiting us from another gospel-preaching church and have been baptized as a believer, you’re warmly invited to join us at the Lord’s Table. It’s a way for us to celebrate the common bond we have in Christ, share in the unity of our faith, and rest in our Savior’s redemptive work.